Your Master Cleanse- How To

Master Cleanse

Every spring for the last 3 years I have done a cleanse but never a Master Cleanse- until now!

Usually, my cleanses consisted of eating 100% plant based with juices, smoothies, and even some Master Cleanse ‘lemonade’ here and there.

But to be honest, the reason I never tried a Master Cleanse is because I was too scared to go without food! Even when I was juicing I felt like it was ok because I was taking in at least some form of food.

But, that’s the thing! Cleansing or detoxing are just different versions of fasting! And a temporary fast gives the body a break to clear debris and toxicity!

It’s a practice we have gotten away from in our modern culture. And that’s unfortunate because fasting was done for thousands of years in ALL cultures around the world to improve health!

I firmly believe this is why we are plagued with chronic disease like cancer which is a stubborn disease of toxicity that builds up over time, gets stuck, and becomes difficult to clear.

The best time of year to cleanse is in the springtime. It’s the time of year when energy in the earth is rising (or sprouting) and the body naturally wants to clear. You can read more about this in these two posts! Why Cleansing is Vital to Your Health and Your Guide to Spring Cleansing.

What’s unique and brilliant about the Master Cleanse is that it takes a combination of ingredients added to water to stimulate a deeper detox that is more productive and allows more longevity than just a water fast.  Here are the ingredients and the roles they play in this detox.

Master Cleanse Ingredients

  • Lemon– the queen of detoxing! Lemons, although acidic, actually alkalize the body when ingested! The sour flavor stimulates the liver to clear toxicity. It also clears our other detoxification organs like the kidneys, bladder, colon, and lymph! Lemons are in season in the early spring and they are the color yellow which is the color of your 3rd chakra that houses all of your digestive organs. Lemon and the color yellow stimulate digestion.
  • Water– if lemon is the queen then water is the king of detoxing. Every living thing on earth needs water to survive. Water is so precious and is the earth’s most cleansing substance. We bathe in it, clean with it, play in it, sit by it, have religious ceremonies with it, and of course drink it! Water is cleansing for both the body and the mind.
  • Maple Syrup- gives your cells just enough glucose to function optimally.  Even though it’s sweet and a form of delicious sugar, it contains nutrients like magnesium and B vitamins. And when you think about it, maple syrup is the blood of a tall strong maple tree. And from an energetic standpoint, I’d take an I.V. of that everyday 🙂
  • Cayenne– is used to increase circulation. When your body is detoxifying, you want to make sure those toxins are moving! Cayenne is also very clearing to the heart from both a physical and emotional standpoint. You might even feel the heat gather around the area of your heart. Since cleansing is a time of release, allow yourself to release emotionally as well!

Internal Salt Water Bath

Here is the final part to the Master Cleanse. It’s vital to ensure you are eliminating while your body detoxes. Because you aren’t eating food, your bowel movements will be minimal. Our kidneys and bladder will be clearing nicely but we also want to support the intestines and colon to do the same.

We do this with an Internal Salt Water Bath. And yes, that sounds really lovely 🙂 But again, this is a critical part to ensure your body clears everything it needs to so that it doesn’t reabsorb toxins through your gut.

Drink this mixture the night before you start your cleanse and first thing each morning.

  • 2 tsp of sea salt (or my favorite Real Sea Salt)
  • 1 quart of warm water

This mixture is the same salinity as your blood so the body will only absorb the salt & minerals it needs. Then it will eliminate of the rest through the colon.

Drink this salt bath slowly over the course of 10 minutes (don’t chug- it might not stay down :). And the best way to think of it is as a warm salty broth or soup. After day 2 it shouldn’t bother you any more. Within 1 hour you will need to use the restroom. When the water has been eliminated, you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

After day 2 you will be eliminating mostly water and that’s a good thing! If you see a yellowish color, that’s bile. Bile is releasing from your gallbladder which indicates that your bile ducts and liver are clearing!

Ready to do this? Great! You are going to be amazed at how vibrant you feel!

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Can I do it while I’m at work? Yes! Just make your ‘lemonade’ ahead of time! You will want to drink at least 6 glasses/day so invest in some wide mouth pint size mason jars with lids so you can prep them in the morning and drink them throughout the day.

Do I eat any food? No, this ‘lemonade’ will be your fuel for the next 3+ days. Like I said earlier, it might be an uncomfortable thought going without food but I am currently on day 4 as I write this and I have SO much energy and have yet to be “hungry”. Just be smart about it. Don’t tempt yourself by watching Food Network, going to restaurants, or scrolling through food pics on Instagram :). This is a quiet time for you to go within and allow your body to release.

Can I drink coffee or black tea? No, we want to illuminate any stimulating supplements (alcohol included). Coffee and black tea are amazing things. They are highly stimulating and should be enjoyed on occasion. Daily consumption depletes our energy further! You may experience detoxing symptoms but I guarantee that once you make it past day 2 you will have wings (natural wings that are your own :)!

What about herbal tea? Yes, you may have herbal tea. They need to be organic, caffeine free, and well sourced. Something like camomile would be nice.

Do I drink plane water too?- Feel free to have as much water as you like! But remember to drink 6-12 glasses of the ‘lemonade’ each day.

Is exercise ok? Light exercise is necessary during any cleanse- nothing strenuous or exhausting.  Examples of light exercise: walking, Hatha yoga, yin/restorative yoga, & stretching. You need to do some form of light exercise at least 1x day to pump your lymph and move toxins out!

So let’s get started!

I have written the recipe below for you to print out and put on the fridge. Then, take a look at your calendar and pick at least 3 days* where distractions are minimal. I like to start cleansing on the weekend so I have a good rhythm by Monday and can continue throughout the week.

*Most Master Cleanse traditionalist would say at least 10 days. But in my opinion, the body needs at least 3 days for any cleanse and you can add days on as you feel more energized!

Once you know how many days you would like to cleanse, take this recipe and buy organic everything!

If you don’t have a high quality water filter at home, invest in some jugs of nice filtered high PH (alkalizing) water. Our tap water is full of heavy metals, fluoride, and even prescription meds!

Remember, you won’t be spending money on food so splurge on these minimal ingredients!

I am so excited that you are doing the Master Cleanse and I want to hear all about it! Please share your success stories with me in the comments below and of course leave any questions you might have!


Master Cleanse

  • Servings: 8 oz
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

This recipe makes 1 glass


  • 8 oz filtered water
  • 2 tbs organic lemon juice, about 1 lemon juiced
  • 1-2 tbs organic maple syrup
  • Dash of organic cayenne powder


  1. The night before your cleanse, start with an Internal Salt Water Bath by drinking 2 tsp of sea salt mixed in 1 qt of warm water.
  2. Begin each morning with an Internal Salt Water Bath.
  3. For the rest of the day drink 6-12 glasses of the lemon water recipe above.
  4. Cheers to your Master Cleanse!

If you enjoyed this recipe, I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and be sure to share with family and friends.



    1. Great question Janna!

      All medications need to be taken as your doctor has directed. If they need to be taken with food then a fast might not be the best option for you while you are on that medication. Here are some plant based cleansing options

      While cleansing, it’s never ideal to take medications because the whole concept is to remove toxicity from the body. So if you’re on medication for the short term, wait until you have finished your prescription. If you have been told you need to be on medication “for the rest of your life” then one: make an appointment with me 🙂 and two: make sure it is safe to take the medication on an empty stomach.

      Medications build up toxic residue in the body which can lead to other health problems in the future. So a cleanse helps reduce the toxic load.

      If you take vitamins and supplements, I would give your body a break while cleansing because you want to minimize what your body is digesting. Vitamins and supplements are actually very hard for the body to digest because the body has to convert a synthetic version of a nutrient into a usable version. And the liver has to detoxify the waste.

      I hope this answered your question!


  1. I’m a lab tech, and a little confused. We eat mostly acidic food and drink and I thought we were supposed to aim towards taking in more alkaline substances. Lemons are acid, so isn’t this going against what we need to do in order to get our health back? And is the higher ph water -which makes sense, lowering the acidic value of the lemon? Like I stated, I’m completely confused. 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Barbara I am so glad you asked this question! Yes citrus is an acid outside of the body. However, when digested, it becomes extremely alkaline. Citrus is actually one of the most alkalizing foods! An the inverse is also true for dairy. Dairy is a base on the outside but when digested it becomes extremely acidic and increases inflammation within the body.

      So if you add lemon to water it will naturally increase the PH when digested.

      Other than those two, everything is pretty straight forward:
      Acid: sugar, alcohol, dairy, meat, refined grains
      Alkaline: salt, citrus, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, etc.

      Thank you again for submitting that question and I hope it helps!

      Much love!


  2. Just finished day one,…now (similar to day one) the salt bath has for two days came out the other exit and not urinated. Is the salt bath suppose to come out my colon like a liquid or diarrhea?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi G! Sorry it looks like my response to your question never posted!? But yes that is completely normal and exactly what should happen. The salt baths encourage flow through your colon so toxins can continue to clear since you’re not eating solid food, and thus not having bowl movements. The lemonade clears through your kidneys and bladder so it’s important to support the liver/small intestine/large intestine detox pathway as well with salt baths.


      1. Hi Megan,

        Thanks for the clarity on the saltwater bath.

        Can you give me a menu for introducing food back into the system after a cleanse? Any foods to start with or avoid?

        (End of day 2) I feel great!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi G, the best way to transition out is by eating in an alkaline way (veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, avocados, citrus). It’s also a good time to juice and bring in smoothies. Allow your body to continue to cleanse and clear after all the hard work you put in!


      3. Thank you soooo much! I’m on day 3. Feeling great, I have tons of energy and my sense of smell is exceptional. It’s weird no burps and no gas. Best part is BELLY BLOAT is gone. I’m a 46/m and all my weight is carried in my gut.

        I’ll probably go 2days more. I’ll intro food with alkaline as you mention.

        Everyone should do this! Thanks to your support I was able to get it done. Wouldn’t have tried it without this article. ~Thank you~

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Congratulations! Isn’t it amazing once you get to day 3 how incredible you feel! I’m thrilled and humbled you were inspired by this article to try it, you’re doing something really incredible for your body and mind! Keep up the amazing work!


  3. Hey ,, so I’m starting that master cleanse today but I forgot to drink the warm water and sea salt the night before but I did drink it the morning of is that ok or should I start again?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Supposed to of been on day one of my cleanse, however, I woke up with a caffeine withdrawal headache. Do you have any suggestions for alleviating it without taking Excedrine?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great question and the best advice is to just push through without taking anything. I know it’s painful but the first day or two it’s normal to experience detox symptoms like headaches. It’s really a good thing because your body is detoxing. Taking a pain reliever would be adding more toxicity to the body. After day 2 I promise you will feel fantastic and be so thankful you pushed through! Keep up the great work!


  5. I am vacationing with family now and having the salt water in the morning and the lemonade all day long, but having dinner with everyone. Do you think it’s ok to do the salt water in the morning and the lemonade all day and then eat a light dinner? Also, can I make this a daily routine vs a 3-10 day fast?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi D,
      Of course you can modify this fast as you see fit. If you are eating dinner, I don’t know if I would do a salt water bath every morning. If you are eating food, allow your body to digest that food and absorb the nutrients. When you get home and/or have the time to do a complete fast, then I would incorporate the salt water bath. I would just hate for your body to do all that work to eat & break down the food, but not absorb any nutrients. You can still continue to drink the lemonade all day long, that will give you many benefits which will support your digestion of dinner. So it’s just slightly modified. I hope that makes sense.


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