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Are you exhausted? Suffering from a chronic condition? Or just want to feel better?

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Let’s work together, one-on-one, and get to the root of your condition so that you can heal from the inside out and live a life worth thriving!

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 How Does My Program Work?

As a Certified Natural Foods Chef and Holistic Health Coach, I help my clients gain a deep understanding of their current health condition and symptoms they express. Using a holistic approach, we look not only at the physical body but the energetic, emotional, and spiritual bodies which allows us to find the root cause.

My 3 steps to healing:

  1. Physical- Food
  2. Energetic- Stress & Nervous system
  3. Emotional & Spiritual- Mind/Body Connection

When we balance all 3 of these areas, true healing can take place on a deep level. Food is only one type of nourishment  When our physical, spiritual, energetic and emotional bodies work together, we can have vibrant health!

We begin with an initial consultation to asses your condition and address goals and areas of concern. Then we follow up with the New Client Intake Form which allows me to grasp a deeper understanding of what is going on inside the physical body between different organ systems and how the energetic and emotional body might be in play.

From there, I design a unique plan for you based around certain foods to nourish the physical body and specific organ systems with recipes and foods for your condition. We will also discuss certain lifestyle practices that address the energetic and emotional bodies.

I recommend that we meet once every 2 week for 6 appointments.  We cover a lot of information in each appointments that’s very different from mainstream nutrition, so it’s structured for learning this new holistic perspective and how it applies specifically to you.

With the knowledge you gain in each appointment, you get more familiar with your own body and inherent intuition which will serve you in taking care of your health for the rest of your life.

This knowledge will guide you to the right foods that will deeply nourish you in sickness and in health. And you will be able to apply this knowledge when helping loved ones who may be suffering with their own health conditions.

The goal for my clients is that they feel empowered and confident in knowing how to nourish their bodies physically, energetically, and emotionally. Then you will never have to rely on a doctor or someone other than yourself to feel your absolute best!

Let’s Work Together! Set up your FREE 15 minute consultation!

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