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As a Natural Foods Chef and Holistic Health Coach, I believe in the body’s amazing ability to heal!

Hi there! I’m Megan Magill, Certified Natural Foods Chef and Holistic Health Coach who is a firm believer in the body’s amazing ability to heal. As a new resident of Houston, I am so excited to share my passion with y’all!

My love for food and health originated in my beautiful hometown of San Diego, CA. My lovingly health-conscious mother made balanced and healthy dinners every night, despite working full-time and taking care of our family.

She often tells the story of when I was 2 years old at the San Diego Zoo, a ZooNooz photographer asked me, “what do you think that giraffe is eating?”

I looked at him and replied with my favorite meal: “Fish, rice, and broccoli!”

Shocked, the photographer looked at my mom like she had given me crazy pills and my mom laughed, saying, “Yes, that’s what she loves to eat!”

I might have been a rare specimen of a child, loving spinach like Popeye, but I believe I always knew food was good for me.

Some years later, I would wander up and down the aisles of a local cooking store, gawking at all the beautiful kitchen tools that I only dreamed of owning. Baking had become a fun, creative pastime for me. And receiving a food processor for my 16th birthday foretold the blossoming of my future life’s passion.

I say “future life” because I was (and still am) an avid sailor racing nationally and internationally. I was recruited to the U.S. Naval Academy for sailing and attended both the Naval Academy Prep Schools, as well as the Naval Academy. Just before my two-year mark in the Navy, I kept hearing myself say, “When I am finished with my time in the service, I am going to work with food, cooking, health, and healing.” This internal pull was undeniable.

So I left the Naval Academy and continued my education at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, where I studied sociology and anthropology, focusing on the food system. I did research on subjects like food politics, evolution through food, food culture, etc.

After graduating, I followed my heart and my future husband Danny, to Greenwich, CT. Again I was lured by my sailing passion and took a job as a Sailing Director at a local yacht club. In this position, I was able to meet amazing people and essentially run my own section of a business.

But then my reoccurring voice returned. “What about the food, cooking, health, and healing?” I followed my voice. I left my job to attend the most amazing culinary school in the world: The Natural Gourmet Institute!

The Natural Gourmet Institute is like no other. My education was based around the concept of health-supportive cooking. In other words, mostly vegan cooking based around original holistic practices like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics, Ayurveda and Alkaline theories. It was the prefect marriage of my college education and years of continued self-study.

Since I graduated, I have worked as a professional cook for Celebrity Chef Graham Elliot in his restaurant Primary Food and Drink, and as a personal chef alongside Joanna Wallis for her prepared meal service The Cooking Fairy.

I am passionate about finding health and healing through consuming the right combination of organic, local, seasonal food specifically tailored to your condition. I believe this is what I was put on the earth to do, and now is my time to share this knowledge with you!

Food is my main focus, but like any holistic practices, it’s a lifestyle that combines other elements like meditation, music, yoga, essential oils, prayers, and most of all LOVE.

Now that you have learned about me, I would love to learn about you! Have you been diagnosed with a life-altering condition, illness, or disease? Are you seeking a healthier and happier life?

If so I would love to work with you and give you a life worth thriving!

xoxo Megan


  1. Hi Megan, I learned about you from a woman in the Katy area who had you come to her house. I am very interested in “possibly’ becoming a food coach. The problem is I am having a hard time finding information about it as a career choice. I was thinking about attending the Raw Food Institute’s immersion week and following it with their 12 week online course for raw food educator. However they don’t seem to be very forth coming about what I can expect financially if I were to choose it for either part time or full time career. I realize your qualifications far out weigh what mine would be even with the certification…but I am passionate about it and have been reading everything I can about the field. Do you know anything about the Institute I mentioned and can you give me any encouragement about getting into this field as a career. I’m 57 and have had other satisfying careers, Interior Design for 20 years, (not for the last 12 years) and others, I’m a good self starter, and would like a career I could use anywhere in the country…..Texas is too hot for me, I’m originally from Maryland and would like to move back east soon. Anything you tell me will be very much appreciated. Your site is AWESOME!!!
    Thank you,

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    1. Hi Penny!
      Thank you so much for reaching out about your passion and interest in coaching! I would love to speak with you further on how to navigate the seemingly confusing health world and how to get your business started! It is a learning process that I am still going through myself but I would love to answer these questions that you have. I will be sending you an email shortly 🙂


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