#1 Reason New Years Resolutions Fail + How to Succeed

#1 We shift our behaviors before we shift our perspectives.

Every year, people say they want to change.

Quickly they shift their behaviors and start working out and eating “healthy”. But sure enough, before February 1, 80% fail (buisnessinsider, 2018).

The thing is, we say we want to change, but the truth is, we aren’t willing to change the way we view things (specifically ourselves).

So, time and time again, people shift their behavior before they shift their perspective and a few weeks later, resort right back to their old habits.

As Gabby Bernstein so simply puts it, “A miracle is a shift in perspective.”

Our culture ingrains us with the idea that miracles are massive undeniable forces that rip us away from what we’re doing wrong and launch us into what’s right.

Side note: Well yes, that does happen in our world every day and it’s called dis-ease in the physical body.

But we’re told not to pay attention to it, pop a pain killer, have another cocktail, and just keep trudging along until something worse happens and you receive a really bad diagnosis. Then, you’ll have to change!

So what’s it gonna take?

When is change going to happen in your life?

Simple: when you’re willing to shift your perspective!

Life’s 100% in your control.

Stop playing the victim. You’re responsible for your health, your happiness, and your circumstances!

I know this sounds harsh, but I saw it with myself, and I see it with clients all the time. It’s the reason people actually don’t want to change.

It’s easier to be a victim of your situation then and make positive change happen in your life.

Don’t believe me? Take my life as an example.

From the outside I’ve always lived a healthy life being a college All-American athlete, always eating well, even becoming a Natural Foods Chef and Holistic Health Coach.

But was I really “healthy”?

All of my life I struggled deeply with depression and low self-esteem. Despite all of my incredible accomplishments, I saw myself as never good enough.

It wasn’t until December 2017 right before New Years that I realized… I need to flip the script! I need to stop telling myself, “I am not good enough!”

Many of you might remember the blog post I wrote last year explaining this new perspective that I was starting in January called: My Recipe to Find Inner Happiness.

In that post, I outlined why this feeling of never being good enough was holding me back emotionally and even physically as I was holding on to excess weight despite my very “healthy” lifestyle.

As I practiced everything in my happiness recipe, my perspective started to shift and I realized something else…

I don’t love myself!?

This shift away from self-love happened through decades of repeating the same mantra over and over again, “I’m not good enough”, because how are you suppose to love something that isn’t perfect?

Wow, this shift was deep!

So I wrote a follow up post, Ingredients for Self-Love in February, ironically timed for Valentine’s Day (thank you universe)!

For all these years I was putting out this negative and dark energy through my subconscious mind!

So I picked up a book by Louise Hay called You Can Change Your Life. And it was true!

Through shifting my perspective and the way I spoke to myself, a miracle happened, I started finding small bits of happiness throughout my day!

I could actually smile at myself in the mirror without critiquing my reflection.

I could actually say out loud, “I love you” AND “you are beautiful!”

As my spirits rose, so did my energy!

And then, my body started letting go of that stubborn weight!

Which made sense as a Holistic Health Coach because, I know the body withholds when it feels it’s in danger. And no amount of kale or exercise will be able to change that!

Because as far as my body was concerned, there was always someone about to beat me up… and that was myself!

Fast forward to right now, 2018 was one of the best years of my life!

I mean, how many people can say that from their New Years Resolution? I know at least 92% can’t!

I am happy!

The most amazing people came into my life AND my business took off in ways I could never have imagined!

And I am grateful for the everyday things!

That’s because I shifted my perspective which was the root of what was holding me back- it’s what’s holding all of us back!

This New Year make a real miracle happen- shift your perspective.

Start speaking positively to yourself, follow the easy steps I wrote about in My Recipe to find Inner Happiness and Ingredients for Self-Love and treat yourself to Louise Hay’s book You can Heal your Life and also Gabby Bernstein’s book The Universe has your Back.

Be gentle to yourself, be compassionate to yourself, nourish yourself with foods of the season, and watch yourself transform!

And remember to be patient, real healing takes time and it’s not linear. My healing still has it’s ebbs and flows, but I am so much happier and I finally feel like I’m enough!

I promise, that this is the resolution you’ve been looking for!

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