#2 Reason Why New Years Resolutions Fail + How to Succeed

Why do 92% of New Years Resolutions fail? (Forbes, 2013)

For 2 simple reasons. And reason #2 is…

#2 It’s winter!

The winter solstice was not even 2 weeks ago! (Dec. 21)

Your body is NOT READY to cleanse or diet!

Winter’s the time to slow down, nourish your body on a deep level with seasonal foods, and restore your energy from the past year which will set the tone for the entire year ahead!

If you cleanse and diet right now, immediately you start the year off balance, and then guess what happens?

You fall off the wagon because it’s hard- yes, it would be hard to do all that during the winter!

That cleansing energy is not in alignment with dormant winter energy.

Especially if you’re exhausted, stressed, have adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, holding on to stubborn weight, cold hands or feet, thyroid disease, depression or anxiety, then this is the time to get some rest, sleep, and restore yourself with winter soups or stews! Not cleanse with summer vegetable juices or salads!

I always tell my clients, if New Years Day was on March 20 (spring equinox), 92% of people would actually be successful because spring is the time to cleanse!

During the spring, the energy in the earth is sprouting and rising. The old has died off for the new to bloom!

Spring is the time to cleanse. Spring is the time to detox. Spring is the time to start a new! Spring is the time! Not the winter!

Of course any time of year you can stop eating the Christmas cookies, sugar, alcohol, processed foods, and the eating from the drive-thru. But taking on a new diet and extreme exercise plan is simply not inline with winter nor your own energy.

If you’d like more tips on how to nourish yourself during the winter, I have a new cooking show called Simply Seasonal!

And as the name implies, we talk about the simple way to eat seasonal foods to restore balance and health so you can thrive!

Head on over to there now and sign up for free weekly episodes to be sent directly to your inbox!

That way you’ll now how to nourish yourself this winter and be ready to cleanse in the spring, which we’ll walk you through as well!

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