Healing Disease through Seasonal Eating



A phrase we hear often these days is, “you should be eating seasonally and locally!”

But do you really know what it means? Do you really know how seasonal foods directly impact your health?

Firstly, there is a basic principle we need to understand:

The body is a self-healing organism!


Said another way…

All disease can be reversed and healed!

Again, yes! All disease, from arthritis to cancer, can be healed IF the body is given what it needs to heal!

Let’s take a look at dis’ease’ (haha get it?) from an energetic standpoint…

Health is the presence of balance while sickness is the presence of imbalance.

Balance for a human body comes from the earth. The earth is literally referred to as Mother Earth. She  nourishes us with her food and grounds us (literally) with stable energy.

Eating from the earth and in harmony with the flux of each season is how we stay connected and balanced.

This harmonious relationship was vital to our evolution as a species and becoming vibrant healthy human beings!

But looking at our modern world, and more specifically the United States, vibrant health is not exactly how you would describe us. Rather, we are sicker than we’ve ever been!

But how did this happen?

How can this be true when we spend more money than any other country on medical care and pharmaceutical drugs but remain the sickest developed country in the world!?

With all of our brilliant medical advancements and scientific studies, why are we still sick?

Sickness = Imbalance.

Since the Industrial Revolution, we have lived extremely unbalanced lives. Modernization of our world took us off our natural organic farms, out of the kitchen, and put us behind machines working us long hours to then return home with no quality food on the table and little time to spend with loved ones. This is the imbalance I am speaking of!

It’s a depleting way of life energetically, emotionally, and physically.

We need to return to basics and return to the earth for that grounding, stabilizing, and nourishing support!

And if we can’t control our jobs, we CAN control what we are eating and how we spend our time. With these adjustments, only then will our imbalance and disease be reversed!

Every client I work with, despite their unique condition, starts with a conversation about their daily nourishment.

But we aren’t talking calories, protein, carbs, macro/micro nutrients, etc.

We are talking stress, daily movement, breathing, prayer/meditation, quality family time, and finally food. THIS together = health!

Seasonal food an easy place to start when we feel imbalanced because the earth naturally gives us what we need.

What naturally grows here in Texas is different than what grows in Alaska, Hawaii, or even California! Not only that, what grows here changes with the season (despite what you see at the grocery store).

In the summer time, juicy fruits and veggies like watermelons, peaches, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, all grow in the hot summer to cool us down!

In the winter, heartier foods grow that need to be cooked and eaten warm like winter squash, beets, potatoes, cauliflower, kale, and even animal meat and animal fats!

The shoulder seasons like fall and spring help us make this gradual transition. In the fall, tomatoes and spaghetti squash overlap so you can make a delicious pasta dish which you can find here!

Not only that, but as the seasons change, so do the micro-organisms in the soil (as long as it’s organic).

So you get natural probiotics from eating seasonally and locally which change throughout the year = diverse healthy gut microbiome!!!

And lastly,

The more we harmonize our internal body with the external environment, the more we come into balance and the body has the opportunity to heal!

To get easy access to local and seasonal food in your area, please enjoy this Farmhouse Delivery $20 off coupon code: chefmegan (I usually only share this with clients :).

Farmhouse Delivery is a Texas sourced farm box where you can order anything from veggies, fruits, grass-fed dairy, pasture raised bison, pork, steak, you name it, and it gets delivered to your front door!!!

So enjoy this fall season and eat up! It’s good for your health!




  1. Very good article. I enjoyed reading it and have really tried to follow your advice, especially this summer. Looking forward to the next season, yum!

    Liked by 1 person

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